Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is the generic name for many different features of benefit to wildlife and biodiversity, which can be incorporated into development.  Green infrastructure may include:

  • Living roofs (also described as green or brown roofs)
  • Green walls
  • Green bridges and tunnels
  • Native species landscape and structural planting
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Public access to wildlife
  • Interpretation and involvement

Richard Graves Associates has considerable experience of green infrastructure design and advice for clients who wish to include innovative and beneficial features in their design, those who wish to gain planning permission and Land Use and Ecology Credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes or other schemes, even those who have never considered them before.  Our requirement is that ‘green’ features contribute to the value of the development and are considered in the context of the surrounding environment.  Hence we always look to suggest features that will benefit the users and contribute to local and national biodiversity targets.  We provide the following services:

  • Stage D concept design
  • BREEAM Land-use and Ecology Credits advice (all Schemes)
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Land-use and Ecology Credits
  • Living roof advice and concept design
  • Incorporating habitats and species into development
  • Wildlife corridor design
  • Native species planting
  • Management and biodiversity action plans
  • Interpretation


Green infrastructure features can be incorporated in development at any time.  However, to maximise benefit and minimise cost, consideration should be given as early as possible in the process.