Expert Witness

Richard Graves Associates provides independent professional ecological advice to judges, inspectors and recorders on behalf of proposers, appellants and objectors.  Advice may take the form of written submission, proof of evidence, evidence under cross–examination and rebuttal.  Richard Graves Associates’ experience includes the following forms of inquiry:

  • Chancery Court evidence
  • Planning Appeal Inquiry
  • Transport and Works Act Inquiry
  • Planning call-in Inquiry
  • Scottish Recorders Inquiry
  • Scottish Parliament Inquiry
  • Inclosures Act 1845 Inquiry


Evidence presented to inquiry must be sufficient to inform the judge or inspector and should be fully in compliance with regulations, standards and best practice guidelines.  As there may often be seasonal constraints to survey, with a requirement to collect and interpret a considerable amount of survey data, an appointment for an ecological expert should be considered as early as possible in the process.